We have created this flags for the windows of Bratislava City Library.


The t-shirts and dresses in this limited collection were created out of the pure desire to create fabulous pieces that will bring joy, that we too would love to wear and that, of course, will be distinctive and bold, but also funny and weird. We’re proud to have been able to cooperate with unique people who think it makes a difference to create something locally and of high quality. We didn’t want to just slap a print on T-shirts from China and wear them for a summer. No, we wanted to create something extraordinary that would last and bring joy to its owner for years and years to come.

So we turned to the ultra-talented fashion designer Andrea Pojezdalova, and asked her to create a special cut to accommodate our graphics. Merchyou helped us turn our graphic design into a fine textile print and the outcome is nothing short of splendiferous.

 All of these pieces were created in Slovakia with love.


* Ostara is the Germanic goddess who brings us Spring every year and rouses everything that has been sleeping back to life. So, let more and more good things awaken and, yes, it does make a difference!


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