STORIFICATION * Purge * Inverzia


We tell our story through paper dioramas build of vividly colored papers, magical characters, and clever use of technology. The motifs of paper dioramas in the ‘Storification’ exhibition reflect the 10 years-long co-creation of Ové Pictures. The exhibition curated by Mária Beňačková Rišková took place last at the ATELIER XIII in Bratislava 2–16 October, was not built as a retrospective, but rather a reflexive one. The motifs of the dioramas did not only showcase the past works of Ové, but were more of an invitation to the audience to seek both life, human, and universal stories. 


“We all have our own story, and we mix up and jumble stories … It’s so natural to us that we don’t usually even talk or write about it. But in short, this is how it is: What we’ve actually done during the “x” number of years is making up stories and trying to tell them by using several other images, stories, myths, monsters, characters, references. It’s just the “fictional” what we put into the various stories to give them a sense or not.” — Ové Pictures


2020: Storification (solo exhibition), Atelier XIII, Bratislava, Slovakia

Artist: Ové Pictures

Curator: Mária Rišková

Paper cutouts: Ové Pictures, Barbara Kowalczuková

Pr: Michaela Kučová

PURGE  | paper diorama – papierová dioráma | 70 x 70 x 16

“Originally, dolphins were supposed to be jumping here, or there was — at least — supposed to be a coconut pudding or hope in an egg. All seemed quite other before.”


INVERZIA  | paper diorama – papierová dioráma | 60 x 90 x 16

“Broken mirror — we’re the heroines bursting at the seams. It’s 5 o’clock in the morning, it’s midnight; we’re damaging our skin, we’ve scratched the car and won another advertising tender.”


SCAVANGER | glazed ceramics – glazovaná keramika | 21 x 10 x 13

“And there’s still some time to pass.”


TOTEM | glazed ceramics – glazovaná keramika | 21 x 17 x 17

“These are the epoch-making moments, I’m joyful.”


SHARK | glazed ceramics – glazovaná keramika | 11 x 22 x 9

“And then she yelled that she sees it, and I started to cry. “


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