Searching for Beauty

Interactive exhibition/2016/2018

Does beauty mean something different to each of us? Or do we feel in the same way? Can beauty be ugly? Has our view of beauty changed? Maybe every generation needs to redefine beauty; it might not be that way. We are curious about when we experience beauty, do we all feel it same or everybody their way? Let’s find out what beauty means for us now!


“In our project, we search for and find the feeling when all of our soul trembles with beauty. We’re examining the bright and fleeting moment when we feel the magnitude of light through and we’ve got the sensation we’re a part of it; we feel complete with beauty. We’ve got the impression there’s more beauty around us than it actually shows, and, also, that it’s overlooked and we need to point a finger at it. We are curious about when we experience beauty, do we all feel it same or everybody has their own way? The beauty of GIFs is also in the fact that you can watch a moment isolated in time forever – a piece of a giant puzzle that surrounds us. In the flood of information, videos, and pictures, we suddenly focus on a single detail — a few frames, a single blink of an owl, or a subtle smile of a forsaken hero. They are great in their imperfection; their compressed quality — we feel closer to them than to flawlessly processed shiny advertising images. GIF is an excellent format for capturing a piece of beauty.”


We understand the “new beauty” as a shift of aesthetic perception of the world around us. We move from the traditional admiration of natural, or historical and folk idealised country to understanding beauty in real environment where we exist in our everyday lives. In a way, beauty is also represented in urban stills of industrial form, routine situations, fragments of memories, or abstract images. The exhibited objects represent different views of understanding beauty and combine new and traditional ideas in a fascinating collection. We applied animation principles and created several interactive installations centred around the central motif of searching for beauty in new contexts. They use historical optical toys as zoetrope, flip book, and diorama and transform them into a more current interactive variation.


SEARCHING FOR BEAUTY (2016-2018) interactive exhibition & web project.

The project is a part of a cultural-social presentation of the first Slovak Presidency to the Council of the European Union under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.

The main organiser is the Slovak Design Centre in Bratislava.



Authors of the Project: Ové Pictures

Project Curator: Mária Beňačková Rišková (Slovak Design Centre)

Production Coordinator: Zuzana Jankovičová

Copy, Text Editor, English Mutation: Katarína Kasalová

Graphic Design: Eva Kašáková, Martin Kahan

Web Design: Martin Kahan

Cooperation on Exhibition Installation:

Electronics and interactivity: Ján Šicko, Roman Mackovič (DevKid)

Cooperation onExhibition Installation:

Exhibition furniture, constructions: Juraj Demovič

Programming: Altamira, Juraj Kapsz

Photography: Tomáš Werner, Tomáš Benedikovič, Matej Hakár


2018: Searching for Beauty (interactive exhibition) in National Library of Estonia, Tallin
2018: Searching for Beauty (interactive exhibition) Gallery of Slovak institute Prague/Galeria Slovenskeho institutu, Praha
2017: Searching for Beauty (interactive exhibition) Designtransfer, Berlin, Germany
2017: Searching for Beauty (interactive exhibition) Slovak Instutute Prague, Czechia
2017: Searching for Beauty (interactive exhibition), MGLC, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2017: Searching for Beauty (interactive exhibition), Galéria Satelit, Bratislava, Slovakia
2016: Searching for Beauty (interactive exhibition), Parlamentarium in Brussels, Belgium