FLIPBOOK Beauty of Moment

Interactive exhibition/2016/2018

Beauty hides in ungraspable fleeting moments too. Sometimes they are childhood memories, other times moments of pure joy, fulfilment, trip fragments or dream-come-true. It is a moment stuck in our mind. We keep it and would not trade it for anything else. It might even be something irrational, like a memory of a hotdog.


The “Beauty of Moment” object is based on the principlne of a flip book. A flip book is a paper picture book which, when pages are turned rapidly, simulates motion or animation. It creates a linear sequence of images. The first flip book appeared in 1868, and it has become a popular toy for children since then, but it is also the simplest demonstration of animated picture.

SEARCHING FOR BEAUTY (2016-2018) interactive exhibition & web project created for Parlamentarium, Brussels.


Organised by: Slovak Design Centre, under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic




Authors of the Project: Ové Pictures

Project Curator: Mária Beňačková Rišková (Slovak Design Centre)

Production Coordinator: Zuzana Jankovičová

Copy, Text Editor, English Mutation: Katarína Kasalová

Graphic Design: Eva Kašáková, Martin Kahan

Web Design: Martin Kahan

Cooperation on Exhibition Installation:

Electronics and interactivity: Ján Šicko, Roman Mackovič (DevKid)

Cooperation onExhibition Installation:

Exhibition furniture, constructions: Juraj Demovič

Programming: Altamira, Juraj Kapsz

Photography: Tomáš Werner, Tomáš Benedikovič, Matej Hakár


2018: Searching for Beauty (interactive exhibition) in National Library of Estonia, Tallin
2018: Searching for Beauty (interactive exhibition) Gallery of Slovak institute Prague/Galeria Slovenskeho institutu, Praha
2017: Searching for Beauty (interactive exhibition) Designtransfer, Berlin, Germany
2017: Searching for Beauty (interactive exhibition) Slovak Instutute Prague, Czechia
2017: Searching for Beauty (interactive exhibition), MGLC, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2017: Searching for Beauty (interactive exhibition), Galéria Satelit, Bratislava, Slovakia
2016: Searching for Beauty (interactive exhibition), Parlamentarium in Brussels, Belgium