Dust and Glitter is the first short animated film by the creative duo of Michaela Čopíková and Veronika Obertová under their Ové Pictures brand. The film combines hand-drawing and computer animation.
The film is inspired by the city of San Francisco
and its inhabitants, dust and glitter.

Dust and Glitter is a simple story about two people from different environments who live next to each other
but never communicate directly. Magda, a young, naive girl, astonished by the glitter of the city, yearns for friendship with Chihuahua, a small dog that embodies the posh life. Trevor is an older homeless man who has spent many years on the street,
but now must fight to defend his territory against Hyena. Although they do not know it, the lives and desires of Magda and Trevor
overlap in something that mirrors and indirectly affects each other.

Film type : Animation
Resolution : Full HD
Aspect ratio : 16:9
Sound : Dolby SR
Language : no dialogues
Target audience : Adults and youth
Screening format : 35mm, DCP, BCT, DVD, MOV
Length : 11’15”
Year of production : 2011

With the financial support :
Slovak audiovisual fund
Vertex creation

*Best of Festival Animazspot 2012, Burbank, California
*Unicredit Bank Prize for the Best Slovak Film (VIEWERS CHOICE), IFF Bratislava, 2011

Festival selection
*Premiers Plans Festival – Angers – France
*International Animated Film Festival Animateka – Ljubljana – Slovenia
*Anifest Rozafa – Shkodra – Albania
*International Short Film Festival – Vilnius – Lithuania
*Animation Block Party – Brooklyn – NY – USA
*Fest Anca International Animation Festival – Zilina – Slovakia
*California International Animation Festival – Modesto – USA
*Febiofest – 19.medzinarodna prehliadka filmu, televizie a videa – Slovakia
*55th San Francisco International Film Festival – USA
*Kyiv International Short Film Festival – Ukraine
*ANIFILM – Trebon – Czech republic
*Be there! – Corfu – Greece
*Animazing Spot Festival – Burbank – USA
*Tricky Women – Vienna – Austria,
*Animfest – Athens – Greece
*International Film Festival – Bratislava – Slovakia